Hello, Love! I’m Amy! It’s so hard to write an “about me” I never know where to start so I’ll just dive right in! I love my family. I am a perfectionist. I haven’t had a favorite color in years, but my daughter insists I pick one so I picked blush. I try to eat clean and focus on health, but Chocolate Cake is easily my biggest weakness. Sarah’s Cake Shop can back that up. I look forward to spring so I can care for my peonies and roses, but I am also in love with the flannels, oversized sweaters and classic black leggings of the fall. Last year, I became OBSESSED with winter after reading about embracing hygge (look it up!!!) In the summer you can find me on the water with a glass of wine in hand. My bliss is found on a boat with the wind in my hair. I believe family has nothing to do with blood and everything to do with love. My oldest daughter is my mini me and I love it. The youngest looks just like her daddy… and my dad- which is a little weird but I swear she’s adorable. Water is my favorite drink, especially when it has cucumber in it. I know God is real. Bagdley Mischka could do no wrong in my eyes. Part of my heart lives in the south. I believe diamonds are one of the best investments. Truly, gents- diamonds. I say this, but I am so wild at heart I would give up most material things in an instant to just to live life unbridled. Amy

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