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When else could I (Amy) POSSIBLY make a title like that? In all seriousness- Amanda and Zach were so far from drama that their wedding was literally the opposite. Nestled deep in the woods is a beautiful little cottage. This cottage became the inspiration for a wedding venue unlike any other I have ever seen. Want photos by a lake? Check. Pictures in a sweet old cottage? Check. How about a wood barn? Yes! Add a pasture and woods, to a MODERN reception space and you are at The Venue. We had the honor of being one of the firsts to see the vision Ces and Judy (of Ces and Judy’s Catering) had and it was wonderful to work there and see their vision brought to life.

Amanda and Zach met at church in a group called “Quarterlifers”. Opposite of ” Midlife” their decision to attend was anything but a crisis- it was more serendipitous. They spent 6 weeks attending the meeting and getting to know one another. They said their “I do”s in front of the cross that brought them together with Zach’s dad officiating the ceremony. It was such a sweet and truthful ceremony. Please always keep in mind the words spoken at your ceremony- Amanda and Zach. The “American Dream” is NOT to work yourselves to death climbing the corporate ladder. That’t not a dream you want on your tombstone. It starts with family, with your spouse. It is love, it is enjoying life and all of the pain that goes along with it. It is living in the moment for eternal rewards and not present fantasies or instant gratification. At the end of the day, its love that counts.

We loved every minute with you and your families. Congratulations to you both!



Special thanks to Kurtis Hall for not only being my partner in crime at their wedding, but for being amazing and setting lighting up on a time crunch of chasing light and rocking it with me! LOVE YOU!

It all began with a broken glass. But let’s rewind for a minute. Or a few years. A few years ago, I (Amy) had the honor of capturing Carly’s sister’s wedding. As a photographer, I can tell you there is no greater honor than being invited back in for another wedding in a family. I actually had Carly’s wedding weekend blocked off to be my ONE WEEKEND OFF for the month but when she called, I knew I would bend my rules for her (it’s fun being the boss sometimes). I already knew her family. I knew their dynamic. I knew their traditions. I KNEW THEM and I loved them. I knew there would be no photographer out there who would love on her more- and that’s a bold statement to make because there are a lot of wonderful photographers out there- but that’s just how invested we get in our couples. So when I knew I had a day with her family again, I knew what an honor it was. I just had to get to know her soon to be husband John.

Marrying into a Jewish family- it’s an experience. Traditionally, it is one filled with some expectations that one may say are high, it’s super well meaning in laws who don’t meddle- ever ; ) , it’s tradition, its a lot of celebration, and its a whole lot of love. Not just anyone is accepted as a son in law by any parent out there, but John? In the words of Carly’s mom, Eve- “He’s a real mensch” and let me tell you- he is. John is such a wonderful guy. He is kind, patient, overall at peace, gentle, loving, caring, focused. He fits perfectly with Carly’s energetic, joyful, beautiful spirit.

So it all starts with a broken glass- their beautiful life together. He stops, she wraps her arms around her new husband in a kiss, and away they go into their new life together. And it is perfect. Every perfectly imperfect moment of it all.



Above Image by my friend, Chris Becker!

Carly’s wedding also included so many of my vendor family. My friend Lisa did the flowers and I have to say, this was one of my favorite bouquets ever. Not only was it full and beautiful, but Carly didn’t have to complain a single time that it was too heavy! It was perfect to carry!!!

My hubby is photo bombing : ) Yes, I will edit him out, but I like complaining that the “damn videographer RUINED my shot”. 

Carly didn’t want to leave the property of the Four Seasons on her wedding day and with her wedding being late June I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved her for that.  

I love the color, but I’m a sucker for Black and White so you’re getting both. Deal with it. ; ) 

Love these wonderful families.

Mazel Tov!!!

Love these details Chris took.

: ) A perfectly imperfect moment captured by Becker. They will tell their children this story and I’s so glad they have the pictures to go with it.    

Sometimes magic just happens.

And sometimes Mother Nature knows not to mess with a Jewish Mama on her baby’s wedding day.

It was supposed to rain. We weren’t having that. None of it.

Can I just tell you- I ( Amy) LOVE it when my couple chooses to remain all at one venue through the day. There are definitely benefits to going multiple places- not to mention the party bus fun. Staying at one place though, it just eliminates a lot of stress. No vehicles to have issues, no headcount to ensure everyone is on the bus, and most importantly- no St Louis traffic.

Between staying at one venue, having a lot of Jewish traditions, and a few surprises Brett and I took SO. MANY. PICTURES. It was kind of humorous close to the ned of the night when we blew through memory cards like water on a summer day. Brett actually had a tiny bit of pity for me having to go through all of them (whatever, he really thought it was hilarious). So Julia and Mike, you will have entirely too many photos.


I let them in on a little secret I have to keep the rain at bay.

Kind of like tonight’s Blues Game (GO BLUES), I can’t talk about it.

The below is an image I don’t often create. These two though? It fits. Independently they are


Julia. You are STUNNING.

Absolutely STUNNING.

I had to laugh. At this moment during the Ketubah Signing, their rabbi asked Mike if he was absolutely certain the woman under the veil was the woman he intended to marry. She is. : )


So the girls all worked on this dance to surprise Mike. It was…. amazing.


The words for this blog will fall short. Nothing I (Amy) can say will fully explain the magnitude of the emotions on Melissa and Travis’ wedding day.

What I can tell you, is it all starts with Emily Bell.

29 years ago, Emily’s parents, Lester and Bridget Bell, said goodbye to their sweet 10 month old baby girl. In their most sorrowful moment, they chose to give life. They signed the paperwork and Emily’s heart was no longer her own. She didn’t need it any longer when she entered the kingdom God had created for her. Melissa did need it though and at just 10 days old, Melissa became the youngest known recipient of a heart transplant. Emily’s heart would go on- it would allow dreams to come true for more than just one. To give someone the greatest joy, at your deepest sorrow- is the greatest gift one can give. It is a gift we can all choose to give. Unless you work in the medical field, the chance to save a life seems slim, but it isn’t. It is as simple as a signature on a driver’s license. More often than not, that simple signature saves more than just one.

Melissa’s perfect heart would allow her to laugh, run, and play. It would allow her parent’s to rock her to sleep. It would allow her brother to pick on her. It would allow her sister to have her best friend.  It would allow her to graduate high school. It would allow her to fall in love and become a beautiful bride. Thus far, it has given 29 years of a wonderful life to a woman who may not have even had 29 days without it. Her life has been beautiful, but it hasn’t always been easy.

When you are a transplant recipient, you are placed on medication for life to ensure the organs remain a perfect fit. Those medications come at a price. In Melissa’s case, it was her kidneys. The first time Melissa needed a kidney, the woman who first gave her life (her own mother) stepped up to once again provide life to her daughter. Not long after, the need for another kidney arose and a beautiful woman named Cindy gave her kidney to a complete stranger. Melissa is no longer a complete stranger though, Cindy stood by her side as Melissa married the man of her dreams, Travis.

I know I usually post more about the couple. If I know Travis though, and I think I do, he would rather this story be told. He would hold the door open for Emily and Melissa as their story went ahead of him. He would silently sit by their hospital bed and provide support expecting nothing in return. All I can say, Travis, is as a parent of two little girls- if my daughter’s heart were to go on without her I would be thrilled that heart had grown to love a man like you. May you both be forever grateful for the gift you have in one another, and in the gift you were given almost 29 years ago.


I got to spend the day with one of my besties (Kurtis Hall).

Knowing he is fairly awesome, I asked him to cover travis getting ready. I think he did alright. ; ) 

I can’t speak for Kurtis but this is the moment I lost it behind my camera.

Being the mom of two little girls and remembering the joy they brought at only 10 months, I have to say this was the most heartbreakingly beautiful moment of any wedding I have ever attended. A beautiful soul walked down the aisle as the people who saved her watched their Emily’s heart make a journey their daughter would not.

(I may or may not have lost it again as I typed that)


Each person in this picture made a selfless choice.

Lester and Bridget’s little girl’s heart beats inside Melissa’s chest.

Mom and Cindy became live donors and each gave a kidney.

(not pictured- Melissa’s wonderful sister also chose to become a live donor and donated her kidney to a complete stranger)


Many daughters wonder if they will get this dance with their dad.

Hers spent many nights worrying they would never have the opportunity. 

Travis and Melissa, dance through everything. Every raindrop, every sunset.

The image below I took as a “Thank You” to the three wonderful donors who brought Melissa and Travis to this moment. 

Last but not least, please consider signing up to give the gift of life.

A single organ donor can save up to EIGHT lives. In addition to that, enhance the lives of up to 50!

If there is one last gift you can give the world, this is it.

Any baseball fan that steps into Yankee Stadium does so with a bit of reverence. It is a field where so many of the greats have become legends. You can almost hear the chants for The Babe (not Baby Ruthie for you Sandlot Fans out there). The Babe still may not know the number of lives he made a mark on- how many children picked up a bat in hopes of being like him. All of the rest of us out there? We have the ability to be legends. We may not reach the masses the way The Babe did, but the legacy we leave behind for our loved ones is one heck of a gift- and responsibility.

Tori and Luke may have just said their vows last month, but they just have something between them that feels like it has been there a lifetime. They were, without a doubt, hand crafted for one another. To New York, he may be “Luuuuuuuuuuke” but to her, he is so much more. His worth has nothing to do with his ability to send a ball soaring into the stands. He is her best friend, and she is his. He is her biggest fan, and she is his biggest supporter. He is a loving dad to their pup, and she is the teacher who will teach their future children how to navigate this life. Together, they are a team, and they humble tackle life together every day. It doesn’t matter one bit where life takes them, together is the only place they need to be.

We are so excited for the life set ahead of you both on and off the field. Enjoy every moment and do so together. Life is going to move quickly, be sure to slow down long enough to smell the popcorn. Cheer one another on through successes and cheer louder during the slumps. Laugh, laugh really hard- even when you are upset with one another. When the noise around you gets too loud, silence it in one another’s arms. Luke, never stop lifting your beautiful bride into the air above this world. Spin her around and hold onto her with all your might (I’ve seen your training videos- I know you’re strong). You two have something incredible. Work at it. Nourish it. Fight for it. Make it Legendary.

Love this shot by my friend and teammate, Kurtis.    

Another one I love by Kurtis. Aren’t these flower girls the CUTEST!?

So a Cardinal, a Yankee and a Diamond Back walk into a Bar…


I know this is a lot of kissing pictures… but that’s just them. These two kiss a lot! I think love looks pretty good on them!      

Venue: Stone House of St Charles

Planner & Florist: Katie Hackmann Rouge Events

Photo & Video: Shadow and Light- Amy & Andrew

Band: Johnny Chase

HMUA: Danielle Shocklee

Bridal Gown: Ultimate Bride

Bridesmaids: Davids Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Sarah’s Cake Shop

Without a doubt, Bill and Angela were married on the windiest day of the fall. Granted, it was absolutely gorgeous- but boy did we ever have to work with the wind. I have to say, with a few maneuvers, it worked well in our favor. Angela was just about the most laid back bride ever. She and Bill both trusted us completely and my friend Chris and I had a blast working with them (So much so that before the ceremony even began Chris was asking me how many memory cards I had because he was allowed to be getting suck “Great stuff”).

Bill and Angela chose one of our all time favorite venues for their wedding, The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s. I (Amy) am a bit of a chocolate snob. It’s really the only form of candy I like. If it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth the calories in my opinion so I’m quite the kid in a literal candy store when I work there. Not to mention we have become friends with a lot of the people who work there so its pretty much just the recipe for a fun night.



I’m not usually one for the funny stuff. I’m just not that cool. However, when your friend Amanda Little is the brains behind a lot of the antics that go on at the Caramel Room, you get a little silly. Thanks for being a great sport and taking this picture for Amanda. She loves it!! 

Reception Venue: Caramel Room at Bissingers

Catering 23 City Blocks

HMUA: Sheana Helton

Dress: Mia Grace Bridal

Tuxes: Mens Warehouse

DJ: Jimmy Hussey

Photographers: Shadow and Light

Photo Booth: Fisheye Fun

Stationery: Simply Torn Art + Design

It’s true.

Her groom “Don’t Need No Tuxedo” (See the end of this post).

Being the bride of one of our area’s top male models can be intimidating. Especially on your wedding day. Lee has been a “groom” more than once modeling for plenty of shoots (Including the spread in St Louis Bride Magazine I (Amy) shot back in 2017). Can you imagine being a bride feeling like you are in the shadow of your groom who is a PROFESSIONAL groom? Melinda knew many would jump at the opportunity to document her husband on their wedding day, she just didn’t want to get lost in the mix. Melinda, you may feel like you stepped out of his shadow on your wedding day, but girl… you were never in it. You are radiant.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Introducing  Melinda Anderson and her groom, Lee.  

In all of our years of business and friendship would you believe Joel and I had never shot a wedding together until their wedding?

It was definitely a lot of fun. We need to mix it up more often. You know, with all the spare time we have.   

I love this snuggly image Joel took.

Me: I want to use this tunnel for something.

Joel: Hold my beer.

Ill never tell why she’s laughing. I hope you two think of us every time you cook hot dogs though. Every. Single. Time.

This fur wrap is everything… just get me some hot cocoa and and a fire. I’m ready.

By the time we arrived to Old Stone Chapel, we were more than ready for the warmth this quaint venue provides.         

I just had to take the below image for my friend, Jimmy Hussey.

We were together for both of our weddings that weekend and it is always so much fun to see his familiar face.

I love Jimmy’s set up and I took this photo because this is his view every weekend, many times a weekend.
He LOVES his couples as much as we do and that just makes us love him even more.

I always love running into former couples of ours at weddings. Early Congratulations to Gina and Kyle who are expecting their 2nd baby!

You two. This was a wonderful day. Not because of how outwardly adorable you two are but simply because well you get us. Melinda, your sense of humor is as killer as your smile and Lee… thanks for leaving the fishing poles at home. I have a feeling she would have shoved one somewhere if you didn’t. We love you guys. Dinner soon! Just… no hot dogs.


Venue: Old Stone Chapel

Photo & Video: Shadow and Light

Florist: Walter Knoll

Cake: J Noto Bakery

DJ: Jimmy Hussey

Makeup Artist: Flawless Makeup

Wedding Gown: Robin’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus

Groomsmen: Suits4Men

Favors: Grandma’s Cookies

Photobooth: Fisheye Fun


Check out this video and see Lee not needing a tuxedo!!!


Drew and Nathan were married on one of the most beautiful days. The first weekend of November is historically my favorite weekend to shoot a wedding. There is a common misconception that the leaves change in St Louis around September. The truth is, the beautiful colors hold out for late October, early November. Saying their vows on November 3, Drew and Nathan had one of the most beautiful backdrops St Louis could provide.

I (Amy) have had the honor of knowing Drew since high school. He was a talented thespian and I was, well… a cheerleader. We ran in different circles but every time our paths crossed, Drew met me with a smile. You see, Drew has one of the biggest and happiest of hearts. This happy heart is also quite tender (you will be able to tell by the pictures). When Drew signed his letter to his future husband on their wedding day, he signed, “With all of my heart, because you have it.” He did this knowing he was placing his heart in the most gentle of hands. I am certain Nathan feels the same way.

Their wedding day was full of a ton of love, sparkles in a lot of eyes and a ton of celebration. I still can’t get over how wonderful the colors you picked for your wedding party just popped off the fall leaves. You all were a dream to work with and the ladies were such troopers in the chilly air!

Drew and Nathan, thank you for trusting your wedding images in my hands. Hannah and I hope we served you well and that every image we took brings a sparkle to both of your eyes (not just Drew’s because that’s too easy).


You guys, I can’t get over how great these colors look! So well done and fabulous job on the flowers by An Affair to Remember! 

I had to post one of just these 3. Friends for over 10 years. I won’t say how far over. You can’t make me. I’m still 27 and so are they. 

Thank you to the Spectrum Band for not killing me for fighting for the first dance to be in this spot : ) 

These Mamas. They sure do love their baby boys. The tears of joy that held onto their eyes all day long were priceless. 


Ceremony Venue: Bethel Lutheran Church

Reception Venue: St Louis Art Museum

Decor & Florals: An Affair to Remember (Huge thanks to you guys for your help)

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Hair Stylist: Meagan Theodore & Studio Branca

Stationery: Paper Patch

Catering: Bon Appetite & Panorama Events

Cake: Sugaree

Band: Spectrum Band

Favors: Candis Theodoro CT Cookie Treats

The Green Carpet. It’s reserved for the stars, the pros- the masters. This past spring, people watched in awe from afar as the members of the PGA tour walked the Green Carpet at Bellerive Country Club in St Louis, Missouri. I feel like love is a little bit similar. We go to weddings and we look to the couple who has endured the test of time. We go to the pros and ask for help. We all want to be among those who are masters at making marriage work.

Surrounded by family and dear friends, all eyes were on Kelsey and Will as they walked both the red carpet at there ceremony (which was also where Kelsey’s mom and dad got married) and the green carpet at Bellerive Country Club for their Reception. They got just enough of a downpour to ensure lots of good luck (it’s a thing, really) and with the great advice we are sure they will get from their loved ones (to which Kelsey may give an eye roll or two), we (Andrew and Amy) are certain Kelsey and Will have all of the tools needed to be the last couple on the dance floor 60 years from now.

We had so much fun getting to know Kelsey and Will’s families. One day Kelsey, you are going to laugh until you cry about the fish platter your mom put on your registry.  You will picture her smirk you know she had as she devised her plan to add it on there. I know your parents feel like they make you crazy sometimes (they probably do) but the love and support they all give you is a beautiful thing that should be cherished. Congratulations on your marriage, keep walking side by side on whatever carpet you choose, I can’t wait to see where you end up!

In true St Louis form, the weather went from Sunny, to pouring, to sunny again within a matter of 15 minutes so we had quite the dynamic day!


I absolutely loved this moment. Will extended his hand to his grandmother during the mother/son dance. I think his momma was happy to share.

Being in quite the band of his own, Will had to take the stage for just one song!



Ceremony Venue: Salem United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: Bellerive Country Club

Wedding Gown: Ultimate Bride

Hair and Makeup: Bella Ragazza

Officiant: Terri Swan

Ceremony Music: Landolfi Quartet

Planner: Proposing Dreams

Stationery: Service Bureau

Photo & Cinema Shadow and Light

Floral Design: Bloomin’ Buckets

Transportation: Saint Louis Trolley

Cake: Sugaree

Band: Griffin & the Gargoyles

Rentals: BBJ Linens, Exclusive Events. Premier Party Rentals

Decor: Millennium Productions, Exclusive Events, Parties and Props

Second Photographer: Madeline Emma

No party is complete without salsa. Even a night with wine in our house includes a Greek Salsa that I (Amy) love to make. So when the Hadobas family told me that Callie was the Salsa to their Chips- I completely understood the reference. This family knows the staples of a good party. While they may be the chips… they are some really, really delicious chips. Perfect amount of salt and a little Chili Powder (they are from Texas). These chips are good on their own, but the Salsa… the Salsa brings the punch to keep everyone raving. If Callie is the Salsa to the mix, I am going to deem Nate the Margarita. He is cool, refreshing- sweet with just the right amount of kick and just when you aren’t paying attention… BAM- he’s on the stage with the microphone in his hand. Callie and Nate… I just typed 3 different insufficient sentences trying to explain to people how great of a party you all threw. I haven’t shot a 14 hour wedding in YEARS. Truthfully, I was worried the dance floor content was going to be a bunch of different pictures of the same people looking less and less sober as the night went on- but WOW. Usually by the end of the night my body is already in a world of pain, but there was no time for that. I was running from one thing to the next and when it was time to go… I was wishing there was more. I think all of your guests had to feel the same judging by the number of the people still tearing up the dance floor at the end of the night. I hope you always treat life as a party. Callie, I hope you are always the spiciest of Salsas and Nate the most refreshing of drinks. If Callie’s family is the party snacks, Nate’s would be the refreshments. Both are wonderful separately but together? Together you get the following…


#Truth. Sometimes the littles need their daddies to pop into the aisle- or into the pictures. I think it just makes the moment even cuter.    

I just LOVED Callie’s bouquet by An Affair to Remember. She said she felt like she just couldn’t pick which flowers to add so she picked a ton of her favorites. She did perfect. Kinda like the creator of SALSA. “hmmm these things are all good… lets put them together and make them amazing!”

I don’t think these two families could have possibly been more excited for their kids. They were beaming with pride all day, and with very good reason. They did am incredible job parenting. Their kids chose well when picking the person they would do life with. It was time to celebrate- and celebrate they did!


I can’t even begin to tell you how great the Emerald City Band was. This dance floor was dangerous! People were having a blast and dancing their hearts out. Getting from one place to the other was almost impossible but it was SO WORTH IT! 


And there we are. I’m left wanting more. More time with Callie and Nate and their families. More chips, salsa, and margaritas and some more God Blessed Texas.

I stand by my statement that there should be a yearly reunion of all who were involved.

I’ll bring the cheese (Andrew) and the chocolate cupcakes (me).


Planning/Coordination – A Bride’s Ally

Hair/Makeup – Simply Breathtaking

Photo/Video – Shadow & Light

Floral/Rentals – An Affair to Remember

Paper Goods – M. Haley Design

Ceremony Venue – Messiah Lutheran Chruch

Ceremony Music – The Rosewood Ensemble

Reception Venue – Marriott St. Louis Grand

Band – Emerald City Band

Cupcakes – The Cup

Photo Booth – Everyday Elegance

Transportation (limo & limo bus) – Fun Tyme Limo

Bride’s Dress – Pronovias

Bridesmaid Dresses – Azazie

Groom & Groomsmen Attire – JoS. A. Bank