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Any baseball fan that steps into Yankee Stadium does so with a bit of reverence. It is a field where so many of the greats have become legends. You can almost hear the chants for The Babe (not Baby Ruthie for you Sandlot Fans out there). The Babe still may not know the number of lives he made a mark on- how many children picked up a bat in hopes of being like him. All of the rest of us out there? We have the ability to be legends. We may not reach the masses the way The Babe did, but the legacy we leave behind for our loved ones is one heck of a gift- and responsibility.

Tori and Luke may have just said their vows last month, but they just have something between them that feels like it has been there a lifetime. They were, without a doubt, hand crafted for one another. To New York, he may be “Luuuuuuuuuuke” but to her, he is so much more. His worth has nothing to do with his ability to send a ball soaring into the stands. He is her best friend, and she is his. He is her biggest fan, and she is his biggest supporter. He is a loving dad to their pup, and she is the teacher who will teach their future children how to navigate this life. Together, they are a team, and they humble tackle life together every day. It doesn’t matter one bit where life takes them, together is the only place they need to be.

We are so excited for the life set ahead of you both on and off the field. Enjoy every moment and do so together. Life is going to move quickly, be sure to slow down long enough to smell the popcorn. Cheer one another on through successes and cheer louder during the slumps. Laugh, laugh really hard- even when you are upset with one another. When the noise around you gets too loud, silence it in one another’s arms. Luke, never stop lifting your beautiful bride into the air above this world. Spin her around and hold onto her with all your might (I’ve seen your training videos- I know you’re strong). You two have something incredible. Work at it. Nourish it. Fight for it. Make it Legendary.

Love this shot by my friend and teammate, Kurtis.    

Another one I love by Kurtis. Aren’t these flower girls the CUTEST!?

So a Cardinal, a Yankee and a Diamond Back walk into a Bar…


I know this is a lot of kissing pictures… but that’s just them. These two kiss a lot! I think love looks pretty good on them!      

Venue: Stone House of St Charles

Planner & Florist: Katie Hackmann Rouge Events

Photo & Video: Shadow and Light- Amy & Andrew

Band: Johnny Chase

HMUA: Danielle Shocklee

Bridal Gown: Ultimate Bride

Bridesmaids: Davids Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Sarah’s Cake Shop

It’s true.

Her groom “Don’t Need No Tuxedo” (See the end of this post).

Being the bride of one of our area’s top male models can be intimidating. Especially on your wedding day. Lee has been a “groom” more than once modeling for plenty of shoots (Including the spread in St Louis Bride Magazine I (Amy) shot back in 2017). Can you imagine being a bride feeling like you are in the shadow of your groom who is a PROFESSIONAL groom? Melinda knew many would jump at the opportunity to document her husband on their wedding day, she just didn’t want to get lost in the mix. Melinda, you may feel like you stepped out of his shadow on your wedding day, but girl… you were never in it. You are radiant.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Introducing  Melinda Anderson and her groom, Lee.  

In all of our years of business and friendship would you believe Joel and I had never shot a wedding together until their wedding?

It was definitely a lot of fun. We need to mix it up more often. You know, with all the spare time we have.   

I love this snuggly image Joel took.

Me: I want to use this tunnel for something.

Joel: Hold my beer.

Ill never tell why she’s laughing. I hope you two think of us every time you cook hot dogs though. Every. Single. Time.

This fur wrap is everything… just get me some hot cocoa and and a fire. I’m ready.

By the time we arrived to Old Stone Chapel, we were more than ready for the warmth this quaint venue provides.         

I just had to take the below image for my friend, Jimmy Hussey.

We were together for both of our weddings that weekend and it is always so much fun to see his familiar face.

I love Jimmy’s set up and I took this photo because this is his view every weekend, many times a weekend.
He LOVES his couples as much as we do and that just makes us love him even more.

I always love running into former couples of ours at weddings. Early Congratulations to Gina and Kyle who are expecting their 2nd baby!

You two. This was a wonderful day. Not because of how outwardly adorable you two are but simply because well you get us. Melinda, your sense of humor is as killer as your smile and Lee… thanks for leaving the fishing poles at home. I have a feeling she would have shoved one somewhere if you didn’t. We love you guys. Dinner soon! Just… no hot dogs.


Venue: Old Stone Chapel

Photo & Video: Shadow and Light

Florist: Walter Knoll

Cake: J Noto Bakery

DJ: Jimmy Hussey

Makeup Artist: Flawless Makeup

Wedding Gown: Robin’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus

Groomsmen: Suits4Men

Favors: Grandma’s Cookies

Photobooth: Fisheye Fun


Check out this video and see Lee not needing a tuxedo!!!