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One thing about life, is it keeps changing. As one day moves to another, we slowly move into the next chapter. I stepped out the morning of Ryan and Duygu’s wedding and the crisp air promised that winter was coming. It was the most beautiful, end of fall day. I have two favorite weekends of the fall, and they married on one of them. The trees decided to really show off as Duygu’s family arrived from Turkey to celebrate with her.

St Albans provided the most lovely backdrop. It has always been one of our favorite venues, but it really, really looks incredible in the fall.  Theirs was one of those weddings where halfway into it I already know I have taken too many pictures. It happens. Sometimes, I can’t help myself. Plus, when your wedding day is all at one venue- it’s easy for that to happen! Given that we already had a lovely backdrop to work with kets just say I was elated to have these two as the focal point in front of it. I mean seriously, how stinking cute are they!!???


Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE when my couples let me do formal pictures outside.


Note: Please do not attempt photographs on railroad tracks. Even most inactive tracks are still owned by the railroad and it is illegal to photograph on most of them.

That said, these tracks are privately owned by St Albans and are completely safe for both my cute couple and myself.


We had soooo much fun at their reception. The dance floor was packed as everyone danced the night away.

I pretty much demanded to be the photographer for Duygu’s siblings whenever they choose to marry.

: St Albans, Old Barn Inn
Walter Knoll Florist (Krista Russell)
Celebrating Life
Elite PRO DJ, John Richard 
Jenna and Sara Behlmann, (573)470-5038
Bella Couture (boutique), Erin Cole (designer)
Azazie (online store)
Men’s Warehouse (purchased suits) 
The Landolfi String Quartet

I (Amy) have always been a firm believer that your attitude will determine your outcome. If you throw a fit about rain on your wedding day, you will have a miserable day. No one wants rain, but it happens sometimes and you have to make the best of it. I don’t know what we do to get the couples we do, but you guys, we have the most stellar human beings as clients. Each of our couples affected by Covid-19 have handled it with such grace. Each one moved to dates I was available for. I can’t begin to tell you what this means to me. I know I often say, “Roll with the Punches” but this was a pretty hard gut punch and we hope to carry the burden with our couples in whatever way we can.

Brooke and Tom, (I shake my head and chuckle as I type) had a gut punch or two. It was a wedding day where their planner, Victoria Burrows, and I were in constant awe of how great Brooke’s attitude was all day long. For starters, it wasn’t lightly raining or steadily raining- It was pouring. Brooke smiled and said, “Lets go make the best of it!”.

But thats not all, a few minutes prior to the ceremony, we noticed our lovely little bride was looking a little… pale. What we thought was jitters turned out to be a pretty rough case of the Stomach Flu. Want to talk about attitude? This girl would disappear to the restroom and minutes later walk out with a smile. I’m telling you- none of the guests had a clue. Brooke would throw a bat signal to her sister (Maid of honor), a nod to Victoria or myself and smile her way to the restroom.

Above all, at the end of the day- their wedding day was lovely. We credit this to their great attitude. They each had a wonderful time because they didn’t focus on the negative. They smiled, they laughed, they cried tears of joy. It was a beautiful day, with wonderful people just as you will see below.




HUGE THANK YOU to my StL community for making the following portraits possible.
Thank you Julia Noack for letting me know about your Secret Rain Spot (I’ll take it to the grave… unless I need it again)
Thank You to Clary Pfeiffer, Kristin Ashley Events and The Four Seasons for giving us permission to bend the rules.
Please also thank your Couple for us, who without their kindness, we would have not been able to do portraits inside.
We are so blessed to be part of the St Louis Wedding Vendor Community.


I was fairly obsessed with the detail of this cake… I may have cried a little when it was cut into. That cake was too pretty to eat!


Vendor Love:

Coordination – A Bride’s Ally
FB:  A Bride’s Ally
Insta:  @abridesally

Venue/Catering – Marriott St. Louis Grand
FB:  Marriott St. Louis Grand
Insta:  @marriottstlouis

Photo/Video – Shadow & Light
FB:  Shadow and Light
Insta:  @shadowandlightstl

Florist – Flowers & Weeds
FB:  Flowers and Weeds
Insta:  @flowersandweeds

Hair/Makeup – Simply Breathtaking
FB:  Simply Breathtaking
Insta:  @simplybreathtakingstl

String Quartet – Rosewood Ensemble
FB:  The Rosewood Ensemble
Insta:  @rosewoodensemble

Cocktail Hour Pianist – Jenn Asia
FB:  Jenn Asia Cocktail Piano

DJ/Uplighting – Millennium Productions
FB:  Millennium Productions
Insta:  @millenniumstl

Cake/Desserts – Pint Size Bakery
FB:  Pint Size Bakery & Coffee
Insta:  @pintsizebakery

Day-of Paper Goods – M. Haley Design
FB:  M. Haley Design – Adventures in Custom Stationary
Insta:  @mhaleydesignstudio

Custom Photo Backdrop – Decorum
FB:  Decorum
Insta:  @decorumeventsstl

Drew and Nathan were married on one of the most beautiful days. The first weekend of November is historically my favorite weekend to shoot a wedding. There is a common misconception that the leaves change in St Louis around September. The truth is, the beautiful colors hold out for late October, early November. Saying their vows on November 3, Drew and Nathan had one of the most beautiful backdrops St Louis could provide.

I (Amy) have had the honor of knowing Drew since high school. He was a talented thespian and I was, well… a cheerleader. We ran in different circles but every time our paths crossed, Drew met me with a smile. You see, Drew has one of the biggest and happiest of hearts. This happy heart is also quite tender (you will be able to tell by the pictures). When Drew signed his letter to his future husband on their wedding day, he signed, “With all of my heart, because you have it.” He did this knowing he was placing his heart in the most gentle of hands. I am certain Nathan feels the same way.

Their wedding day was full of a ton of love, sparkles in a lot of eyes and a ton of celebration. I still can’t get over how wonderful the colors you picked for your wedding party just popped off the fall leaves. You all were a dream to work with and the ladies were such troopers in the chilly air!

Drew and Nathan, thank you for trusting your wedding images in my hands. Hannah and I hope we served you well and that every image we took brings a sparkle to both of your eyes (not just Drew’s because that’s too easy).


You guys, I can’t get over how great these colors look! So well done and fabulous job on the flowers by An Affair to Remember! 

I had to post one of just these 3. Friends for over 10 years. I won’t say how far over. You can’t make me. I’m still 27 and so are they. 

Thank you to the Spectrum Band for not killing me for fighting for the first dance to be in this spot : ) 

These Mamas. They sure do love their baby boys. The tears of joy that held onto their eyes all day long were priceless. 


Ceremony Venue: Bethel Lutheran Church

Reception Venue: St Louis Art Museum

Decor & Florals: An Affair to Remember (Huge thanks to you guys for your help)

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Hair Stylist: Meagan Theodore & Studio Branca

Stationery: Paper Patch

Catering: Bon Appetite & Panorama Events

Cake: Sugaree

Band: Spectrum Band

Favors: Candis Theodoro CT Cookie Treats

Sarah and Sean fell in love at one of America’s favorite places: Walgreens. Oddly enough, a lot of our pharmacist friends fell in love at Walgreens. There must be something in the water (Maybe their pharmacists are slipping it in). Whatever the reason- we are so happy these two were brought together. Sarah’s beautiful eyes light up whenever she sees him and it is quite obvious Sean has a special smile meant just for her. They wanted to make sure they had a wedding day full of fun with their family and friends and that is exactly what they got!

Sometimes, my absolute favorite parts of the day are the little things that go wrong. Yes, it’s true. Wedding days don’t always go by perfectly without a single hitch. Sara and Sean’s moms got to experience one of these moments together. In the moment, they were nervous, chuckling trying to figure out what to do when their matches for the unity candle wouldn’t stay lit enough to light the parent candles. They looked at one another for an answer…”What do we do?” Everyone was watching, no one (but me) knew they couldn’t get the candles lit. Do they walk back to try to relight them? The entire processional was waiting. They finally called in reinforcements and the candles got lit. Its moments like these that become the stories that get laughed about for years to come. Between this and the altar roses being snuck to the altar by a bridesmaid mid ceremony, Sarah and Sean have some special imperfections they can laugh about for years to come.

We had some party crashers, I just couldn’t leave out!


We hope the two of you are loving Hawaii!
Can’t wait for you to see the rest of your images!


Shadow and Light would like to thank The Palladium for being ADA Compliant so Sarah’s sister could enjoy her sister’s day to the fullest. Go to their website and check out the virtual tour our media company did for them!