Among the Stars | Kelsey and Will

The Green Carpet. It’s reserved for the stars, the pros- the masters. This past spring, people watched in awe from afar as the members of the PGA tour walked the Green Carpet at Bellerive Country Club in St Louis, Missouri. I feel like love is a little bit similar. We go to weddings and we look to the couple who has endured the test of time. We go to the pros and ask for help. We all want to be among those who are masters at making marriage work.

Surrounded by family and dear friends, all eyes were on Kelsey and Will as they walked both the red carpet at there ceremony (which was also where Kelsey’s mom and dad got married) and the green carpet at Bellerive Country Club for their Reception. They got just enough of a downpour to ensure lots of good luck (it’s a thing, really) and with the great advice we are sure they will get from their loved ones (to which Kelsey may give an eye roll or two), we (Andrew and Amy) are certain Kelsey and Will have all of the tools needed to be the last couple on the dance floor 60 years from now.

We had so much fun getting to know Kelsey and Will’s families. One day Kelsey, you are going to laugh until you cry about the fish platter your mom put on your registry.  You will picture her smirk you know she had as she devised her plan to add it on there. I know your parents feel like they make you crazy sometimes (they probably do) but the love and support they all give you is a beautiful thing that should be cherished. Congratulations on your marriage, keep walking side by side on whatever carpet you choose, I can’t wait to see where you end up!

In true St Louis form, the weather went from Sunny, to pouring, to sunny again within a matter of 15 minutes so we had quite the dynamic day!


I absolutely loved this moment. Will extended his hand to his grandmother during the mother/son dance. I think his momma was happy to share.

Being in quite the band of his own, Will had to take the stage for just one song!



Ceremony Venue: Salem United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: Bellerive Country Club

Wedding Gown: Ultimate Bride

Hair and Makeup: Bella Ragazza

Officiant: Terri Swan

Ceremony Music: Landolfi Quartet

Planner: Proposing Dreams

Stationery: Service Bureau

Photo & Cinema Shadow and Light

Floral Design: Bloomin’ Buckets

Transportation: Saint Louis Trolley

Cake: Sugaree

Band: Griffin & the Gargoyles

Rentals: BBJ Linens, Exclusive Events. Premier Party Rentals

Decor: Millennium Productions, Exclusive Events, Parties and Props

Second Photographer: Madeline Emma

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