Baby It’s You | Piazza Messina Wedding | Julia and Mike

Sometimes magic just happens.

And sometimes Mother Nature knows not to mess with a Jewish Mama on her baby’s wedding day.

It was supposed to rain. We weren’t having that. None of it.

Can I just tell you- I ( Amy) LOVE it when my couple chooses to remain all at one venue through the day. There are definitely benefits to going multiple places- not to mention the party bus fun. Staying at one place though, it just eliminates a lot of stress. No vehicles to have issues, no headcount to ensure everyone is on the bus, and most importantly- no St Louis traffic.

Between staying at one venue, having a lot of Jewish traditions, and a few surprises Brett and I took SO. MANY. PICTURES. It was kind of humorous close to the ned of the night when we blew through memory cards like water on a summer day. Brett actually had a tiny bit of pity for me having to go through all of them (whatever, he really thought it was hilarious). So Julia and Mike, you will have entirely too many photos.


I let them in on a little secret I have to keep the rain at bay.

Kind of like tonight’s Blues Game (GO BLUES), I can’t talk about it.

The below is an image I don’t often create. These two though? It fits. Independently they are


Julia. You are STUNNING.

Absolutely STUNNING.

I had to laugh. At this moment during the Ketubah Signing, their rabbi asked Mike if he was absolutely certain the woman under the veil was the woman he intended to marry. She is. : )


So the girls all worked on this dance to surprise Mike. It was…. amazing.


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