We all need some Joy | Greg and Nikki | St Louis Cathedral Basilica | Four Seasons Hotel

I’m not crying. You’re crying. If you ask me (Amy) – Everyone should cry. This whole mess about not screwing up makeup makes me absolutely bonkers. Embrace it!! Embrace the tears of joy and cry- and if all else fails, call for more Joy. (Joy Loveless, Makeup Artist, that is). All day, whenever someone cried, we would yell “Joy!!! Where’s Joy”. Everyone felt free to tear up, as long as Joy was around. Nikki and Greg’s wedding day was so full of joy and laughter (and some tears) from all who were present. One of the things Nikki’s parents love about Greg is how much of a genuine family man he is. This family is one who is there for one another and it really shows. We had such a wonderful time with everyone.

According to her mom, Nikki could have gone without a traditional wedding. It was Greg’s love for a celebration with all of their loved ones that made her decide to stay local. It wasn’t at all that she didn’t want to celebrate with their loved ones, it’s that Nikki and a love for being the center of attention don’t go hand in hand. Pretty difficult when you are a girl who lights up the room naturally. I could go on and on- but If I know Nikki, she’s reading this right now thinking “Oh Gosh, what is she going to say next”, so I will stop right here and just let the pictures of this beautiful celebration do the talking.

I never did know what brought this first set of tears on, but Nikki, I hope you never forget.   

“I’m not going to cry”

When choosing your bridesmaids, make sure you choose people who make you smile and bring you joy (literally and figuratively).       

I loved this little tribute to Nikki’s Greek Heritage. Which reminds me Nikki, Greg’s mom absolutely said that you need to make me some of your famous spanakopita. Word for word. That is EXACTLY what she said. I swear it. True story.


Greg and Nikki… we just had so much fun from the day we met on! I can’t wait to see what your future holds. Just keep holding onto one another and it will all go perfectly! Congratulations to you both!

Ceremony: Cathedral Basilica

Reception: St Louis Four Seasons Hotel

Makeup: Joy Loveless Makeup Artestry

Dress Designer: Eddy K from Clarice’s Bridal

Cake: Four Seasons St Louis

Wedding rings: Genovese Jewelers

Music: Push the Limit

Uplighting and Pin Lighting & Furniture: The Aries Company

Linens: BBJ

Florist: Mary Tuttle’s Flowers

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