Effortlessly in Love | Natalie and Adam

Many times when men think of wedding pictures they equate it right up there with going to the dentist. They think it is either going to be physically painful or just a bit uncomfortable. Until someone works with us, it is usually quite rare for them to think of pictures as having a good time. We were warned that Adam didn’t love the camera prior to them booking us. I smiled. Our team loves a challenge and it is our job to make sure our couples have a great time. We thought we were going to have to work at it, but what we quickly found is that Adam actually did wonderfully in front of the camera. The beauty of wedding images is that we don’t want you to force a smile or fake an image, we want you to look and actually be in love. That was an effortless job for Adam and Natalie. As long as you are comfortable with one another- odds are you will be comfortable in front of the camera. Michelle and Cari, you did a BEAUTIFUL job on their wedding- we love you guys!

Natalie and Adam got ready at the Westin hotel downtown and they would return there for their wedding reception that evening. 

Bridesmaid duties never end. Be sure to pack your scissors to fix the bride’s dress at any moment.   

Adam. The secret is out. You photograph well my friend, quite well.


Can we just pause to acknowledge how awesome this donut bar was at their wedding?
Nothing better at the end of the night. Not even tacos. Donuts people. Donuts.

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