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We’re Here to Live | Lauren and Zach

Lauren and Zach had one of the most beautiful summer wedding days. The trees were the perfect shade of green, the sky was blue and St Louis was, relatively quiet. A global Pandemic couldn’t take that from them. As much as we all would have liked to leave Covid-19 out of their story… it was part of it, and it always will be.

When Covid hit the US, it knocked their wedding back a few months. I’m sure it bothered them more than they let on, but this entire walk- Lauren and Zach didn’t complain. They just wanted to marry their best friend and that’s that. It was touch and go, I checked in with Bisssinger’s more than I should have but finally, days before the wedding- we were confident it would be allowed to continue and I am so glad it did. It was our (Amy & Andrew’s) first day back LATE JUNE. We would have normally been at least 8 weddings in by now but…2020.

While their wedding was more intimate than they had planned, everything was lovely and masks definitely can’t hide joy. And a virus can’t take away love. So in spite of it all, they came together in Lauren’s words, not to survive, but to LIVE.

Lauren and Zach, your attitude about everything- it was just incredible. You took everything in stride and only cared about one thing this whole time- the love you had for one another and the people you hold dear. Weddings are stressful enough, and you had every reason under the sun to lose your minds… but you didn’t and for that, on behalf of your entire team- we thank you both. There is no couple we would have rather walked through this time with. You both are incredible. We are so thankful we got to celebrate with you! 

Check those dates. haha It’s funny but it’s not.


Zach. I took way too many pictures of your wife. Sorry, not sorry.  She’s gorgeous.

When your wedding party knows how to bring it.

Venue: Caramel Room at Bissinger’s

Hair and Makeup: Emily Miller

Photo: Amy at Shadow and Light

Video: Andrew at Shadow and Light

DJ: Millennium Productions

Flowers: Steve Mueller

Bride’s Gown: Monique Llhullier, Alexia’s Bridal Raleigh, NC

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie Davids Bridal

Maid Of Honor Gowns: Jenny Yoo

Men’s Attire: Black Tux

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