Welcome to the Main Street Abbey | A Shadow and Light Production

As wedding photographers, we delight in beauty. I’m not just talking about surface level beauty. I am talking about the sparkle in the father of the Bride’s eye as he sees his baby girl for the first time. I’m talking about that look in a couple’s eyes as they make their way to the end of the aisle knowing they just promised forever. It’s the heart that creates beauty, it comes alive in the soul. It may sound odd to say we see this sparkle in a wedding venue but when Joel first told me about Main Street Abbey, his passion for it wasn’t merely about how beautiful it would be- it was about the heart. Located in the heart of Columbia, Illinois, Main Street Abbey is nestled perfectly into the epicenter of the city. It sits there, quietly as the town moves along in it’s day to day-quiet, understated even until you walk through the front doors.

Being raised in Collinsville, Il. Joel is quite familiar with the heartbeat of a smaller town. Sure, both cities are a rock throw from St Louis, but there is a great sense of pride when you are a part of a small town’s success. In a single moment, Joel knew Main Street was more than just a wedding venue- it was a home- one where we all felt like we were at home especially when we met Dustin, the joyful guy running the place (talk about a huge heart…he’s amazing!). We all agreed we would do a shoot together as a team there. We called our dear friend Ashlee (Also from the IL side) and she was elated. She too had known about, and fallen in love with the Abbey (I (Amy) was apparently the only one of us oblivious). Our friend Chris had recently contacted Joel about a new “toy” he had bought for his couples. Within a few days Ashlee had the rest of our team together and we were beyond thrilled at the direction things were headed. We knew we would be heavily dependent on her planning with our crazy schedules so it was nice to know our friend would bring our vision to life.

I will stop talking (writing) and let the rest speak for itself. With this being Joel’s vision, we let Joel do what Joel does best (take epic photos), Shannon and I tackled the details (and ate them) many times with my baby on one of our hips, and Andrew worked on the video which will be ready soon! I think I literally took one picture of our beautiful couple… but hey, that’s why we have a team!!


main street abbey wedding photography


Venue: Main Street Abbey

Hair and Makeup: Savannah Summer

Event Planner: The Fabulous Ashlee at Signed Sealed Delivered Events

Shoes: Town and Country Bridal

Baking: Little Vintage Baking Company

Catering: The Social Affair

Entertainment: CJ’s Disc Jockey Service

Florals: Grimm and Gorly

Furniture Rental: Renown Rentals

Stationery: Unique Moments

Dress & Suit Rentals: Bridal Manor

Calligraphy: Handletterling by Stephanie

Photography & Cinema: St Louis Wedding Photographer Shadow and Light

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