Bring the Salsa | Callie and Nate | Marriott Grand

No party is complete without salsa. Even a night with wine in our house includes a Greek Salsa that I (Amy) love to make. So when the Hadobas family told me that Callie was the Salsa to their Chips- I completely understood the reference. This family knows the staples of a good party. While they may be the chips… they are some really, really delicious chips. Perfect amount of salt and a little Chili Powder (they are from Texas). These chips are good on their own, but the Salsa… the Salsa brings the punch to keep everyone raving. If Callie is the Salsa to the mix, I am going to deem Nate the Margarita. He is cool, refreshing- sweet with just the right amount of kick and just when you aren’t paying attention… BAM- he’s on the stage with the microphone in his hand. Callie and Nate… I just typed 3 different insufficient sentences trying to explain to people how great of a party you all threw. I haven’t shot a 14 hour wedding in YEARS. Truthfully, I was worried the dance floor content was going to be a bunch of different pictures of the same people looking less and less sober as the night went on- but WOW. Usually by the end of the night my body is already in a world of pain, but there was no time for that. I was running from one thing to the next and when it was time to go… I was wishing there was more. I think all of your guests had to feel the same judging by the number of the people still tearing up the dance floor at the end of the night. I hope you always treat life as a party. Callie, I hope you are always the spiciest of Salsas and Nate the most refreshing of drinks. If Callie’s family is the party snacks, Nate’s would be the refreshments. Both are wonderful separately but together? Together you get the following…


#Truth. Sometimes the littles need their daddies to pop into the aisle- or into the pictures. I think it just makes the moment even cuter.    

I just LOVED Callie’s bouquet by An Affair to Remember. She said she felt like she just couldn’t pick which flowers to add so she picked a ton of her favorites. She did perfect. Kinda like the creator of SALSA. “hmmm these things are all good… lets put them together and make them amazing!”

I don’t think these two families could have possibly been more excited for their kids. They were beaming with pride all day, and with very good reason. They did am incredible job parenting. Their kids chose well when picking the person they would do life with. It was time to celebrate- and celebrate they did!


I can’t even begin to tell you how great the Emerald City Band was. This dance floor was dangerous! People were having a blast and dancing their hearts out. Getting from one place to the other was almost impossible but it was SO WORTH IT! 


And there we are. I’m left wanting more. More time with Callie and Nate and their families. More chips, salsa, and margaritas and some more God Blessed Texas.

I stand by my statement that there should be a yearly reunion of all who were involved.

I’ll bring the cheese (Andrew) and the chocolate cupcakes (me).


Planning/Coordination – A Bride’s Ally

Hair/Makeup – Simply Breathtaking

Photo/Video – Shadow & Light

Floral/Rentals – An Affair to Remember

Paper Goods – M. Haley Design

Ceremony Venue – Messiah Lutheran Chruch

Ceremony Music – The Rosewood Ensemble

Reception Venue – Marriott St. Louis Grand

Band – Emerald City Band

Cupcakes – The Cup

Photo Booth – Everyday Elegance

Transportation (limo & limo bus) – Fun Tyme Limo

Bride’s Dress – Pronovias

Bridesmaid Dresses – Azazie

Groom & Groomsmen Attire – JoS. A. Bank

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