Hello there! This is us.

shadow and light photography

From our families to yours, this is us.

Hello! We are Amy & Andrew Meyerott (of Meyerott Photography & Cinema) and Joel & Shannon Conner (of Conner Photography). We have joined our companies, our talents and our vision to create Shadow and Light. We would like to think we are pretty cool people individually, but together we are so much more. We didn’t just create a company; we made a commitment to one another’s families. We genuinely love one another and started this adventure together knowing there will be good times, bad times, laughter and disagreements. We know the commitment we have for one another- our marriages prepared us for that. We know we can depend on one another. We know Joel can remind us to look for ways to create in every corner, Andrew can keep us on track when we can't remember the way, Shannon can give comfort and concise direction when the rest of us can’t, and Amy smooth over the rockiness of the tough times with optimism and wine. We will be there for one another as our children grow. We will continue to have our much loved #connermeyerottadventures. We will play together, be young at heart together, hold hands through the hard times, and pop the champagne during the wonderful. We are family by choice and we wouldn’t have it any other way.