Father of the Bride | Ryan and Ashlyn

Let me (Amy) start by saying… i’m terrible at basketball. I can be 3 feet from the hoop and miss the basket 8/10 times. Luckily skill in this sport was not a requirement to shoot this basketball star’s wedding. In true “Father of the Bride” form, Ashlyn grew up on the courts with her dad as her coach! Their hours of practice created an incredible bond between the two of them.

Rumor has it when Ryan met Ashlyn, he thought he would be able to hold his own against her on the court… he soon found he had more than met his match. Luckily, Ashlyn more than met her match in many other ways that had nothing to do with who would win on the court.

In Ashlyn’s words, “God had his plan for us from the beginning. Ryan was in St. Louis for a total of 6 months for work training. I had just moved to St. Louis to begin nursing school. On one of the first nights out of the town, I went to ballpark village in hopes we could sneak into a Dustin Lynch concert. Ryan saw my dance moves (the robot) and asked my friend if she though I would dance with him, (I Did). Shortly after, we made it into the concert space as I noticed his huge AGGIE ring. I was taken back at how huge this thing was and I had to try it on for myself.  He was quick to ask me to place it back on his finger. I bent down on a knee and presented back to him. He said ‘yes!”

Their story didn’t end there. Shortly after, Ryan crafted a way to get her number. Since that day, they have been through a lot together- a long distance break up included. During that time, Ashlyn sent him the most selfless text I had ever heard (yes, we all got to hear it during the Best Man’s toast). They say if you love someone let them go, and though they were already broken up, she let him go in the most loving message letting him know he still had her heart. It didn’t take long after that that they figured out their love was very much worth fighting for. The rest is history!

Love when my friend, Kurtis Hall works with me! Look at these groom portraits!



Venue- Missouri Athletic Club

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