Dancing Between the Raindrops | Andrew and Taylor

“This will never work she thought as she stared at her future husband. He’s all wrong. Or I am. But this won’t last” she thought as she grabbed his hands on the dance floor. The two had signed up as singles for a ballroom dancing class and although they would be an unlikely pair with Andrew standing a full foot taller than Taylor, the instructor never broke them up. It’s a good thing too because she needed more than just one dance to fall in love with him. While everyone chuckled about this at the wedding I (Amy) think it is a perfect way to start. I too started thinking my Andrew was all wrong for me. Dislike turned into like, like turned into love and love grew and grew over the last decade. Thats how I imagine it will be for Taylor and Andrew. Sure they love one another now, but share a few more dances on the rocky, not so smooth floor of live and you will learn to cling to one another… tightly (you know, kinda like you did when your dress came unbustled mid dance). Something tells me you’ll roll with it. Things will be ok and you will keep on dancing.

It kept lightly raining all morning and into the early afternoon. It didn’t phase them one bit. They just danced and embraced it all! 

Have I mentioned how gorgeous of a space NEO is? 

I just love when Ruth officiates our weddings. Its always so nice to see her and she always makes the ceremony so personal! 

When you work a wedding, there is a collective sigh of relief once the couple has reached the altar. The wedding is going, and nothing has gotten in the way. It’s a moment where all is right with the world.

Katie of Rouge Events + Design was getting to breathe in one of those moments.

When a groom has just one request for his wedding day…  

Everyone was waiting to see if they would wow us with their dancing skills. Their first dance definitely did NOT disappoint!!


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