Such a Rainy Day | Sarah & John

80% chance of rain all day long. I wish forecasts didn’t exist sometimes. The stress involved in checking the forecast day to day before your wedding can be torture for a bride who has painstakingly planned for months. We try to tell our couples not to worry- that things will work out perfectly as long as they get to say “I do”. Heck, we’ve had a tornado hit a wedding and it still got published! We usually take whatever St Louis weather has to throw at us. The weekend of Sarah and John’s wedding, I (Cari) was set and ready for rain… all day long, as predicted. Just like many other times when we were promised rain all day long, we lucked out and the day went by without a single umbrella. Their venues, the New Town Chapel and The New Town Event Tent were nestled in the middle of beautiful, New Town Saint Charles which provided stunning backdrops for all of their pictures.

Sarah and John were one of those couples who just made my  job effortless. They just loved to laugh, at each other, at their friends and at life. Their family and friends kept saying over and over again how well they balanced one another out. The two of them are truly at their best when they are by one another’s side. Isn’t that how a marriage should be? Better as a team. We certainly think so!


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