The Prescription for Joy | Sarah and Sean

Sarah and Sean fell in love at one of America’s favorite places: Walgreens. Oddly enough, a lot of our pharmacist friends fell in love at Walgreens. There must be something in the water (Maybe their pharmacists are slipping it in). Whatever the reason- we are so happy these two were brought together. Sarah’s beautiful eyes light up whenever she sees him and it is quite obvious Sean has a special smile meant just for her. They wanted to make sure they had a wedding day full of fun with their family and friends and that is exactly what they got!

Sometimes, my absolute favorite parts of the day are the little things that go wrong. Yes, it’s true. Wedding days don’t always go by perfectly without a single hitch. Sara and Sean’s moms got to experience one of these moments together. In the moment, they were nervous, chuckling trying to figure out what to do when their matches for the unity candle wouldn’t stay lit enough to light the parent candles. They looked at one another for an answer…”What do we do?” Everyone was watching, no one (but me) knew they couldn’t get the candles lit. Do they walk back to try to relight them? The entire processional was waiting. They finally called in reinforcements and the candles got lit. Its moments like these that become the stories that get laughed about for years to come. Between this and the altar roses being snuck to the altar by a bridesmaid mid ceremony, Sarah and Sean have some special imperfections they can laugh about for years to come.

We had some party crashers, I just couldn’t leave out!


We hope the two of you are loving Hawaii!
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Shadow and Light would like to thank The Palladium for being ADA Compliant so Sarah’s sister could enjoy her sister’s day to the fullest. Go to their website and check out the virtual tour our media company did for them!

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