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Kimmie & Shawn Wedding

It all started with a blind date after Shawn’s sister and Kimmie’s cousin set it all up. It was a perfect date for these two because they are both such big St. Louis Blues fans, and from that evening on…it was meant to be. Shawn says the first time he saw Kimmie, he knew he wanted to be together with her, the second time he knew he loved her, and the third he knew he wanted to marry her. And last year while they were on vacation in St. Lucia, Shawn hired a photographer to take some anniversary photos for them. Then suddenly during sunset on the beach, he asked her to marry him. I (Joel) have known both Kimmie and Shawn for many years, and I could not have been more excited for their wedding. It was our first wedding of the new season, so we were even more ready to go. For the first weekend in March, it could not have been a more perfect day outside. Forget the snow nonsense we’ve had this week, their wedding day was sunny and warm – a perfect reflection of their dispositions. The ceremony took place in the Provincial House Chapel on UMSL campus. This is an old Catholic church that has been turned into a chapel anyone can be married in, and it is lovely! After the ceremony and some photos with family and friends, we headed to the reception at the Mahler Ballroom, which has recently been renovated and looks great. Kimmie and Shawn took dance classes there in preparation for their wedding, so they got to show off their skills on the dance floor that evening! One of the most special moments of the day was when Kimmie’s step-dad came to the dance floor with her to share their father-daughter dance. He gave a moving, emotional speech about his love for her, not as a step-daughter, but as just a daughter, and about how this dance was for him and her dad (who passed 2 years earlier). You could hear a pin drop. It was one of the most moving speeches from a father we’ve heard. These are the moments that make it all worth it. We know it’s not all pretty flowers and dresses, parties and details – it’s the true love between family and friends, and the celebration of the beginning of forever. Congratulations Shawn and Kimmie! We couldn’t be more happy for you!

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