Puttin’ On The Ritz | Lauren and Mike

Lauren and Mike, our team literally enjoyed every – single – minute of your beautiful Ritz-Carlton wedding. I (Amy) can’t tell you how many times I heard (or said), “They are just so nice”, “She’s beautiful” or my favorite “I’m crying behind my camera” (Yes, even from the guys). Your day was absolutely seamless (thanks in part to the fabulous Alix-Ann from Simcha’s Events). The way your and your families took care of our team – it was beyond appreciated. From the sweet moments with your mom and your wonderful mother in law all the way to the horah- we soaked in every minute of the joyous celebration with you. My absolute favorite part of the day was us breaking about 10 different rules so we could get your pictures at SLU.

We wish you both a lifetime of joy and happiness. Enjoy living out every part of the vows you made, both in your ketubah signing and in your ceremony. Mike, I hope you always tear up when you see your beautiful wife. I have no doubt that you will always look at her the same way you do now. Lauren, I hope you always notice and never take for granted the little things he does to show you how much he loves you. Your parents both did the most incredible job raising the two of you and we are so very thankful we got to be by your side on this perfect day!


One day, I hope our daughter’s Mother In Law is this overjoyed to welcome her to their family.         

It’s always a fun party when Rabbi Bennett runs the show! 




Ceremony Venue: Ritz-Carlton St Louis

Reception Venue: Ritz-Carlton St Louis

Planner: Alix Ann, Simcha’s Events

Florist: Tina Barrera, Special Event Florist

Photographer: Amy & Cari, Shadow and Light

Videographer: Jaron and Jake, Shadow and Light (Coming soon!)

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