Head Over Healy | Becki and Jay

Just about everything about this day was absolutely perfect. The only thing that wasn’t will go down in history as an inside joke (100% at my (Amy’s) expense) that I am sure I will hear about until the day I die. If the walls at Silver Oaks Chateau could talk … but enough about me. Becki and Jay had the perfect July day to get married. It was a breezy 85 degrees (the saturday prior was 108 folks – never have I ever been more happy to be off work on a saturday).  I have known Becki since she was just a twinkle of hope in her parents’ eyes. I wasn’t all too thrilled she was a girl- up until then I had basically been the girl of the family (her parents were basically 2nd parents to me). It’s a good thing she was cute. I remember meeting Jay when she was in high school, then seeing him again when she went to college. It didn’t take long to figure out a wedding was more than likely in their future.  The last year went by so quickly! It seems like it was only a few short months ago we were living with her parents while our house was finished – watching Becki’s dad Terry painstakingly and meticulously cut, polished, and sealed pieces of trees to serve as place cards.


PS A very cute little girl finally got to attend a wedding with her mom and dad! She was thrilled- but she told the bride and groom they were only permitted to kiss 5 or less times because … germs!

PSS: I swear I photograph other places than Silver Oaks- It’s just rare!!

Loved all of the floral designs by Roses and Mint!! 


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