While we obviously love wedding photography, having a cinematic film of your wedding day will provide an unparalleled emotional experience.  Looking at a portrait of your first dance is completely different than watching the smile come to your face as he grabbed your hand to step on the floor for the first time. We provide beautiful wedding films that allow you to relive all of the best moments of your wedding day. Our films are clean, timeless and hand crafted to match each of our couple’s unique personalities. We also know your wedding day isn’t just about the images that flash before your eyes, but about the words spoken as well. Our Feature Film includes audio from select portions of your wedding day so your father’s toast can continue to bring tears to your eyes for years to come. Wedding Cinema collections begin at $1,950. Available for a lower rate when bundled with photography coverage. Interested? Get in touch and we can talk about how our wedding cinematic films would work for your wedding!