A Love That Lasts Forever | Meghan and Daryl | Stone House of St Charles

“You just need to teach them how to love and the rest will work itself out”

-Vickie McCollough (Mother of the Bride)

Every year I have a family that just makes me cry behind my camera.

June 10, 2018 was spent with one such family.

Meghan and Daryl started their journey as husband and wife at the lovely Stone House of St Charles. It is a hidden gem- so hidden, that until you pull down the drive, you wouldn’t even guess it was there! While the venue was stunning, there was nothing more beautiful than the love this family had for one another.

A mother’s love is the first a child experiences. Love can actually be felt inside the womb. The chemicals your body releases as you think about your baby and their future gets released into your bloodstream and gives your baby it’s very first hug. Once the child is born, it is the parents who then teach this sweet little child what love means, and equally importantly- what it does not. Meghan and her sister, Erin are eight years apart. My girls are seven. As I watched Meghan and her sister interact throughout the day, I kept thinking, “This. This is what we hoped for”. When we chose to add to our family, it was to give them a chance at a love like that. Sure there is always the risk they will grow up and dislike one another, but thats not what we hope and pray for. So when I asked Vickie what her secret was, it made me tear up to her answer- “You just need to teach them how to love and the rest will work itself out”.

Aunt Meghan wanted to make sure their nieces and nephews were very included, they were so sweet- it was an easy job to do! 

I don’t know what it is about this summer specifically but the kids have been such essential parts of having a wonderful day.
Meghan’s niece gave her dress a “thumbs up”.

In this picture below, I see two little girls playing dress up. Getting ready for the Ball with big sister making sure her little sister looks just perfect.

I don’t know what it is but I absolutely love the image below. This day was HOT and the kids were just so wonderful. Lets face it, wedding days can be quite boring for them with all of the “down time” aka time they don’t get to play. Erin handled her kids with such poise and grace all day long. As a parent, we beat ourselves up when our kids even slightly misbehave, Erin’s kids were excellent and I couldn’t help but credit Vickie a little as well.
She taught Erin to love, and in turn Erin was teaching them.


The boys were troopers as well. I never actually checked what the temperature was that day. I know it was over 100. The air conditioning couldn’t keep up with this room on top of the barn. If I was sweating in a dress (If you watch our Facebook lives, this is the day I “sweated my butt off”, then you know they were far worse off in the layers they had on.
They went through the day without complaining, or drowning in beer!


God Help Me. I almost kidnapped this kid.

Look at how perfect these kiddos are. Wait for it…

PINNED! This is why I want a boy. Never a dull moment.


This move, kiddo, you will hear about the rest of your life. Im so thrilled to have it documented.

Ok before anyone gets worried, I do have a copy of this image with the kids (and adults) looking at the camera, but this one is just so much more fun!  

How awesome is this Groom’s Cake?
It touches on so many aspects of their life together.

This colorful bouquet by SS Wedding Designs was the perfect accessory in this image!


This Momma shouldn’t go without recognition either. She raised two wonderful kiddos who love one another as well. Her son is kind, sweet and patient. He is going to be a wonderful husband because she helped teach him how.
I just photographed their wedding right before Father’s Day and with Meghan’s mom filling BOTH parental roles, I have to say she set the bar high for all of the rest of out there.


To say Hannah and I had a wonderful time at your wedding would be an understatement.
Thank you so much for having us along!

I hope the two of you kept note growing up, because whatever your parents did- they did it right.


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