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I (Amy) have always been a firm believer that your attitude will determine your outcome. If you throw a fit about rain on your wedding day, you will have a miserable day. No one wants rain, but it happens sometimes and you have to make the best of it. I don’t know what we do to get the couples we do, but you guys, we have the most stellar human beings as clients. Each of our couples affected by Covid-19 have handled it with such grace. Each one moved to dates I was available for. I can’t begin to tell you what this means to me. I know I often say, “Roll with the Punches” but this was a pretty hard gut punch and we hope to carry the burden with our couples in whatever way we can.

Brooke and Tom, (I shake my head and chuckle as I type) had a gut punch or two. It was a wedding day where their planner, Victoria Burrows, and I were in constant awe of how great Brooke’s attitude was all day long. For starters, it wasn’t lightly raining or steadily raining- It was pouring. Brooke smiled and said, “Lets go make the best of it!”.

But thats not all, a few minutes prior to the ceremony, we noticed our lovely little bride was looking a little… pale. What we thought was jitters turned out to be a pretty rough case of the Stomach Flu. Want to talk about attitude? This girl would disappear to the restroom and minutes later walk out with a smile. I’m telling you- none of the guests had a clue. Brooke would throw a bat signal to her sister (Maid of honor), a nod to Victoria or myself and smile her way to the restroom.

Above all, at the end of the day- their wedding day was lovely. We credit this to their great attitude. They each had a wonderful time because they didn’t focus on the negative. They smiled, they laughed, they cried tears of joy. It was a beautiful day, with wonderful people just as you will see below.




HUGE THANK YOU to my StL community for making the following portraits possible.
Thank you Julia Noack for letting me know about your Secret Rain Spot (I’ll take it to the grave… unless I need it again)
Thank You to Clary Pfeiffer, Kristin Ashley Events and The Four Seasons for giving us permission to bend the rules.
Please also thank your Couple for us, who without their kindness, we would have not been able to do portraits inside.
We are so blessed to be part of the St Louis Wedding Vendor Community.


I was fairly obsessed with the detail of this cake… I may have cried a little when it was cut into. That cake was too pretty to eat!


Vendor Love:

Coordination – A Bride’s Ally
FB:  A Bride’s Ally
Insta:  @abridesally

Venue/Catering – Marriott St. Louis Grand
FB:  Marriott St. Louis Grand
Insta:  @marriottstlouis

Photo/Video – Shadow & Light
FB:  Shadow and Light
Insta:  @shadowandlightstl

Florist – Flowers & Weeds
FB:  Flowers and Weeds
Insta:  @flowersandweeds

Hair/Makeup – Simply Breathtaking
FB:  Simply Breathtaking
Insta:  @simplybreathtakingstl

String Quartet – Rosewood Ensemble
FB:  The Rosewood Ensemble
Insta:  @rosewoodensemble

Cocktail Hour Pianist – Jenn Asia
FB:  Jenn Asia Cocktail Piano

DJ/Uplighting – Millennium Productions
FB:  Millennium Productions
Insta:  @millenniumstl

Cake/Desserts – Pint Size Bakery
FB:  Pint Size Bakery & Coffee
Insta:  @pintsizebakery

Day-of Paper Goods – M. Haley Design
FB:  M. Haley Design – Adventures in Custom Stationary
Insta:  @mhaleydesignstudio

Custom Photo Backdrop – Decorum
FB:  Decorum
Insta:  @decorumeventsstl

It seems you literally have to confine me (Amy) to my home in order for me to get any blogging done. Clearly I will never be a famous blogger. I don’t even want to look to see when my last post was made. I know blogs help bring couples in, but my number one priority has always been speedy delivery (it’s been 12 years and I still remember how impatient I was waiting for our wedding pictures). All 2019 photos are delivered, and it has been a week from hell for the entire world. I’m not going to go down the rabbit hole talking about these things, instead I am going to post some pretty pictures from several fall weddings (ok, yes, summer too). I have spent the last 5 days prepping blogs- so be prepared for lots of pretty heading your way!


Brandon and Mary Margaret chose two of my all time favorite venues, the Shrine of St Joseph and the Coronado Ballroom. They are downright timeless, just like Mary Margaret. One thing is for certain, Mary Margaret is without a doubt her parent’s little angel. They are beaming with pride every time they look at her and it is obvious how much they love her and just how much they will do for their little girl. Mary Margaret and Brandon met during their time in dental school, Mary Margaret needed a ride to mass and her knight in shining armor came to her rescue. The rest is history and they are now one another’s dentists! I hope these pictures bring a smile to all!

Ok, I just cant stop with the black and white for this series. OBSESSED.

Tina Barrera, as always, did a lovely job with the florals.

Seriously with these flowers, is spring here yet?

Ok so the below picture wasn’t a set up! haha these guys were literally helping out the ladies.

That said, I’m not opposed to boys carrying bouquets… look how sweet they look! What do you think, Tina??

Ok just one more…



Vendor Love:

Tina Barrera- Special Event Florist 

Coronado Ballroom

Shrine of St Joseph 

Any baseball fan that steps into Yankee Stadium does so with a bit of reverence. It is a field where so many of the greats have become legends. You can almost hear the chants for The Babe (not Baby Ruthie for you Sandlot Fans out there). The Babe still may not know the number of lives he made a mark on- how many children picked up a bat in hopes of being like him. All of the rest of us out there? We have the ability to be legends. We may not reach the masses the way The Babe did, but the legacy we leave behind for our loved ones is one heck of a gift- and responsibility.

Tori and Luke may have just said their vows last month, but they just have something between them that feels like it has been there a lifetime. They were, without a doubt, hand crafted for one another. To New York, he may be “Luuuuuuuuuuke” but to her, he is so much more. His worth has nothing to do with his ability to send a ball soaring into the stands. He is her best friend, and she is his. He is her biggest fan, and she is his biggest supporter. He is a loving dad to their pup, and she is the teacher who will teach their future children how to navigate this life. Together, they are a team, and they humble tackle life together every day. It doesn’t matter one bit where life takes them, together is the only place they need to be.

We are so excited for the life set ahead of you both on and off the field. Enjoy every moment and do so together. Life is going to move quickly, be sure to slow down long enough to smell the popcorn. Cheer one another on through successes and cheer louder during the slumps. Laugh, laugh really hard- even when you are upset with one another. When the noise around you gets too loud, silence it in one another’s arms. Luke, never stop lifting your beautiful bride into the air above this world. Spin her around and hold onto her with all your might (I’ve seen your training videos- I know you’re strong). You two have something incredible. Work at it. Nourish it. Fight for it. Make it Legendary.

Love this shot by my friend and teammate, Kurtis.    

Another one I love by Kurtis. Aren’t these flower girls the CUTEST!?

So a Cardinal, a Yankee and a Diamond Back walk into a Bar…


I know this is a lot of kissing pictures… but that’s just them. These two kiss a lot! I think love looks pretty good on them!      

Venue: Stone House of St Charles

Planner & Florist: Katie Hackmann Rouge Events

Photo & Video: Shadow and Light- Amy & Andrew

Band: Johnny Chase

HMUA: Danielle Shocklee

Bridal Gown: Ultimate Bride

Bridesmaids: Davids Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Sarah’s Cake Shop

Many times when men think of wedding pictures they equate it right up there with going to the dentist. They think it is either going to be physically painful or just a bit uncomfortable. Until someone works with us, it is usually quite rare for them to think of pictures as having a good time. We were warned that Adam didn’t love the camera prior to them booking us. I smiled. Our team loves a challenge and it is our job to make sure our couples have a great time. We thought we were going to have to work at it, but what we quickly found is that Adam actually did wonderfully in front of the camera. The beauty of wedding images is that we don’t want you to force a smile or fake an image, we want you to look and actually be in love. That was an effortless job for Adam and Natalie. As long as you are comfortable with one another- odds are you will be comfortable in front of the camera. Michelle and Cari, you did a BEAUTIFUL job on their wedding- we love you guys!

Natalie and Adam got ready at the Westin hotel downtown and they would return there for their wedding reception that evening. 

Bridesmaid duties never end. Be sure to pack your scissors to fix the bride’s dress at any moment.   

Adam. The secret is out. You photograph well my friend, quite well.


Can we just pause to acknowledge how awesome this donut bar was at their wedding?
Nothing better at the end of the night. Not even tacos. Donuts people. Donuts.

Ignore the T-Swift Reference- but the girl was right about one thing. Two really is better than one, especially when it comes to wedding gowns! With her family owning Signature Bridal, Samantha knew she had to find the perfect dress. The only problem was, she fell in love with two (what a horrible problem to have). I (Amy) can’t decide which look I love more (Both Gowns by Ashley & Justin Bride). Clearly Brian was in agreement that these gowns were just perfect on his soon to be wife. Their love for one another it shown in every picture. This day was just absolutely perfect and it was because it was for two people who are absolutely, wholeheartedly in love with one another.

This was my last wedding for 2017 at Silver Oaks Chateau where I have spent my entire pregnancy. I was at Silver Oaks a few days after finding our we were pregnant, I was there when our pregnancy got scary, I was there when I found out a high school friend had been called home hours after delivering her baby, I was there when things got better, and I was there for some of my first contractions. I can’t wait for our sweet girl to meet our Chateau Family. I could not have dreamed of a better way to close out our season year there.




Can we just pause for a second to discuss how fabulous these florals were by Montebello Gardens?? So stunning!!


One of my all time favorite moments at a wedding ever. I already loved Brian – this made me love him even more.

Huge thanks to my friend, Christopher Becker for grabbing this shot!


Special thank you to my amazing couple who trusted me with every moment of their day- including the part where I had to hop on an earlier than expected flight to head to smoke filled, San Francisco to shoot a wedding the following day. We knew you were safe in the hands of Becker and Cari- they loved you just as much as we do!