A Beacon Through the Storm | Brooke and Justin’s Wedding

From the very beginning Brooke and Justin did exactly what we often tell our couples to do: They chose to not sweat the small stuff. They left the photos up to their photo team, video up to the video team and the weather up to Mother Nature and just let us all do our thing. As a photographer, the best thing I (Amy) can hear before a wedding is “I trust you”.  It gives us just so much freedom to think, to see things we would mist if we were too busy staring at a list or a pinterest page recreating someone else’s day. If there are specific pictures a photographer wouldn’t think to take unless they saw it happening like “Groom with his Great Aunt Polly taking a shot of Jameson” then by all means, let us know. We do understand that this is your ONE DAY and we want to get it right just as much as you want us to.

Brooke and Justin were married at the beautiful, Tara Point Inn in Grafton, IL. They knew one thing- at the end of the day, they would be married and that was enough for the two of them. So when Mother Nature decided to give them some killer skies and a hefty quantity of rain, they just rolled with it. They knew their photographers, Michelle and Brett could more than handle it.

I’m sorry to all the grooms out there, but a girl’s first look with her Daddy will outshine almost any moment. Those dads realize just how precious she is.

You’ll get there one day. Likely as you watch her rock your children to  sleep or comfort them when they’ve skinned their knee. Maybe after she’s stood by your side through the lowest of lows.

But odds are, you don’t know how precious the person you are marrying is. Not yet. And she doesn’t know how precious you are yet either.

But you will, you will just need to weather a few storms first.

Her Daddy though? He knows. 

Why yes, that is a glass elevator. And no, it couldn’t be more perfect.
I also spy the fabulous Katie of Rouge Events! 

Throughout the day, our teams always look for moments. We know our couples are often so busy they miss moments and that it is our job to look for them and see the “big picture”. In this moment, Michelle had a judgement call to make. Get the Pinterest recommendation of capturing a closeup of the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle. OR capture a different very real moment unique to Brooke and Justin’s moment.

Michelle picked the moment. Sure, Justin was happy to watch his bride walk his way, but the bridesmaids were so overcome with emotion they couldn’t hold it together!

Like her daddy, they have had more time to realize just how precious Brooke is.

Brooke. Slow Clap for you, girl. This is STUNNING. Your eye for design is incredible! LOVE! I have never seen the Loading Dock look this stunning before! 

    Brooke and Justin, Thank You for trusting us with your wedding day.
We wish the two of you all of the happiness in the world.

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