The Grass IS Greener on the Other Side | Meghan + Stephen

I (Amy) just love spring. The greenery comes in so fresh and new. You see signs of new life as your emerge from winter’s hibernation. The grass is truly greener on this side of the year. Being a family of horticulturalists, the Endres family had the perfect setting for Stephen and Meghan’s Wedding. Nestled in the back of the stunning, Silver Oaks Chateau, Stephen and Meghan said their vows surrounded by friends, family and a mix of Oak and Dogwood. Meghan picked the perfect time of year, likely picking the perfect day for other’s enjoyment more than for her own. Whatever the reason, the weather was perfect and so was everyone’s spirit! The girls started the day with a dance party that rivaled the dance floor at the reception- which was hopping as well thanks to Rockstar DJs!

Before the wedding, Meghan told us the following story about their proposal. ” We had a running joke about him hiding the ring in a certain spot and he would act like he was pulling out a ring and proposing every so often. Then one evening he went to the spot and actually pulled out the ring. Definitely didn’t believe it at first, I was not expecting it at all. After he proposed he had another surprise for me–a party at his parents house with all our good friends and family. (Still can’t believe he kept it a surprise because he’s the worst at keeping secrets haha) It was a great night!”

Little did she know, he was keeping another great secret from her. Shortly after the wedding, Stephen surprised her with yet another ring! She had no idea it was coming! He just felt that one wedding band wasn’t enough so he bought her two! How sweet is that?




When Andrew and I found out our 2nd baby was a girl as well, this is the image I had in mind. Sisters sharing in one another’s joy and being there by their side to encourage and support.

These images give me so much joy!



Meghan and Stephen, thank you for such a fun afternoon. We had a wonderful time with you and the people who love you! It was the perfect first day back after maternity leave!

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