Two is Better Than One | Samantha and Brian Wedding

Ignore the T-Swift Reference- but the girl was right about one thing. Two really is better than one, especially when it comes to wedding gowns! With her family owning Signature Bridal, Samantha knew she had to find the perfect dress. The only problem was, she fell in love with two (what a horrible problem to have). I (Amy) can’t decide which look I love more (Both Gowns by Ashley & Justin Bride). Clearly Brian was in agreement that these gowns were just perfect on his soon to be wife. Their love for one another it shown in every picture. This day was just absolutely perfect and it was because it was for two people who are absolutely, wholeheartedly in love with one another.

This was my last wedding for 2017 at Silver Oaks Chateau where I have spent my entire pregnancy. I was at Silver Oaks a few days after finding our we were pregnant, I was there when our pregnancy got scary, I was there when I found out a high school friend had been called home hours after delivering her baby, I was there when things got better, and I was there for some of my first contractions. I can’t wait for our sweet girl to meet our Chateau Family. I could not have dreamed of a better way to close out our season year there.




Can we just pause for a second to discuss how fabulous these florals were by Montebello Gardens?? So stunning!!


One of my all time favorite moments at a wedding ever. I already loved Brian – this made me love him even more.

Huge thanks to my friend, Christopher Becker for grabbing this shot!


Special thank you to my amazing couple who trusted me with every moment of their day- including the part where I had to hop on an earlier than expected flight to head to smoke filled, San Francisco to shoot a wedding the following day. We knew you were safe in the hands of Becker and Cari- they loved you just as much as we do!



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