Come Hell or High Water | Briana & Aaron Wedding

Before Briana and Aaron’s wedding, we had some flooding in the St. Louis area. And by “some flooding,” I mean a lot of flooding.  A few days before the wedding was set to arrive, Briana called us to tell us that all of the roads to the venue Walker’s Bluff were completely flooded, and the venue was going to have to cancel. BUT…just when everything looked bleak, there was a new solution. Helicopters. Yes…helicopters. Every guest and person in the wedding would be flown to Walker’s Bluff by helicopter, and the day would be saved! Not only were we so glad that things would be continuing as planned, but we were also just extremely excited to get to fly in an helicopter!!! We knew it was going to be a great day if is started out that way.

While it may have taken a bit longer to get everyone flown in, it was such a beautiful day outside that few people were concerned about things starting a little late. After all, we were just so happy that we were there! The weather was beautiful, and you cannot ask for a better place to be than Walker’s Bluff!

Here are some of our favorites from the day. Huge congrats to Briana and Aaron! Blessings to you both!


P.S. HUGE thanks to the staff (especially Kelcey) at Walker’s Bluff. They went above and beyond for Briana and Aaron, and they helped make a potentially disastrous situation into nothing at all.

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