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Winter Is Coming | Duygu and Ryan

One thing about life, is it keeps changing. As one day moves to another, we slowly move into the next chapter. I stepped out the morning of Ryan and Duygu’s wedding and the crisp air promised that winter was coming. It was the most beautiful, end of fall day. I have two favorite weekends of the fall, and they married on one of them. The trees decided to really show off as Duygu’s family arrived from Turkey to celebrate with her.

St Albans provided the most lovely backdrop. It has always been one of our favorite venues, but it really, really looks incredible in the fall.  Theirs was one of those weddings where halfway into it I already know I have taken too many pictures. It happens. Sometimes, I can’t help myself. Plus, when your wedding day is all at one venue- it’s easy for that to happen! Given that we already had a lovely backdrop to work with kets just say I was elated to have these two as the focal point in front of it. I mean seriously, how stinking cute are they!!???


Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE when my couples let me do formal pictures outside.


Note: Please do not attempt photographs on railroad tracks. Even most inactive tracks are still owned by the railroad and it is illegal to photograph on most of them.

That said, these tracks are privately owned by St Albans and are completely safe for both my cute couple and myself.


We had soooo much fun at their reception. The dance floor was packed as everyone danced the night away.

I pretty much demanded to be the photographer for Duygu’s siblings whenever they choose to marry.

: St Albans, Old Barn Inn
Walter Knoll Florist (Krista Russell)
Celebrating Life
Elite PRO DJ, John Richard 
Jenna and Sara Behlmann, (573)470-5038
Bella Couture (boutique), Erin Cole (designer)
Azazie (online store)
Men’s Warehouse (purchased suits) 
The Landolfi String Quartet

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